At Pebblebrook High School
we are looking for the well-rounded
student. The following items will
be taken into consideration when a
student auditions to attend the Center:
  • Academic record from eighth
    grade year at middle school
  • Behavior during the three years
    at middle school
  • Attendance
  • Talent potential

The Center faculty will request
the items listed above from the
middle school counselor.
Recommendations from faculty
members, administrators and instructors
are helpful.If you plan to audition, you should
prepare the following:


Memorize a 1-2 minute monologue that allows you to develop a character and show a variety of emotions.
The monologue should be age-appropriate. Costumes and props should not be used.
Technical Theatre applicants should be prepared to explain your interest and background in the technical aspects of theatre production.


Perform a 1-2 minute ballet piece. Dancers should be dressed appropriately and be prepared to answer several questions regarding dance vocabulary/terminology.


Prepare and perform from memory a 1-2 minute song that best shows your vocal ability and range. The song can be classical, musical theatre, pop, a patriotic song,
or hymn. The audition song MUST be accompanied. You may not sing a cappella. If you use an accompaniment CD, it must not have lead vocals.

You will be notified of your acceptance within three weeks of your audition. If you are accepted into the Center:

  • A contract, student identification form, and registration material will be given to you by your guidance counselor.
  • Plan to attend an open house/orientation in the Performing Arts Theatre at Pebblebrook High School.